How do you relax?….

What does ‘relaxation’ mean to you? There’s so much talk these days about taking time out for you and your own self preservation and head space that I think it’s easy to sometimes forget that ‘how’ this is achieved can look very different from one person to the next. I have friends who relish the idea of going for a 20 mile bike ride to obtain their headspace, while others prefer a day flying solo with no little people in tow…..I definitely fall into the traditional camp when it comes to switching off. There’s very little a hot bath, face mask and a Mr B sized helping of Bailey’s can’t fix – it’s an underrated strategy for stressful situations! As I’m writing this, it’s gloriously sunny and we are heading into a sunshine filled bank holiday  – the thought of this alone helps calm any jitters of anxiety that love to pop up at inconvenient moments.

There’s very little a hot bath, face mask and a Mr B sized helping of Bailey’s can’t fix – it’s an underrated strategy for stressful situations!

I am well aware however that there are times when relaxing/finding headspace/de-stressing is more than a one person job and extra resources may need to be called on in order to help switch off an over-active mind. Recognising those signs is half the battle and the other half is finding the solution that works for you. Waking up at 3am with a mindful of whirring thoughts is a sure sign that you need to take some form of action to help reset and rebalance.


It will come as no surprise to readers of my blog and Instagram that I seek solace in beauty at times of stress, tiredness or when I just need a pick me up. When the lovely Becki at Urban Beauty Bristol told me about a new treatment from the beauty line ‘Comfort Zone’ that she was launching in her salon this September, my ears pricked up – especially as it’s called the Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage (it makes me feel sleepy just typing that!). Designed to treat three different sensorial pathways; olfactive, tactile and hearing, this massage combines essential oils, a tranquil soundtrack and gentle touch to help your mind drift off and your body to relax.

‘Designed to treat three different sensorial pathway; olfactive, tactile and hearing….’

With dim lighting, a warm treatment bed, candles and calming scents filling the room, the environment is as much a part of this treatment as the massage touch. Every aspect of slowing down and calming the body has been considered, down to the specially produced music which contains a rhythmic beat, not too dissimilar to a heartbeat, which helps focus the mind and drown out the busy outdoor world. There’s a reason parents play new-born babies soundtracks with heartbeats in them – sleepy eyelids on cue! With deep breathing techniques to inhale the essential oils as well as soft brush strokes to disperse the oils over your skin this is a nourishing experience for all the senses.  I came away from this treatment with my mind feeling reset and my skin nourished from the Comfort Zone tranquility oils.

Many of the women I speak to talk about feeling overwhelmed, anxious and just exhausted – often from a culmination of every day life juggling. Be it new mums, working mums, women carving self-employed careers from their own homes, those of us juggling a bit of everything – all of us need to identify the warning signs and have strategies in place to help. And if I’ve learnt anything over the past few years it is that you need to recognise these signs and act on them before your body and mind hit that proverbial brick wall. Investing in self care, in whichever form works for you, is never a selfish act. For me, an hour in Becki’s hands rejuvenates and resets my headspace, ready to tackle the next challenge awaiting outside of her serene escape from the world.

For now, my stress reliever today is the sunshine of a bank holiday calling me…

Jess X

This was a gifted experience with no obligation to review. As ever all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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