Happy Feet…..

Ever wondered what it feels like for a snake to shed its skin……..no? Me neither, but read on to find out how you too can get your snake vibe on and summer feet ready at the same time!


I started seeing exfoliating foot peel products popping up a few years ago. Unlike the fish nibbling foot spas that were once all the rage (never tried it, never will….) an at home exfoliating foot peel which promised baby soft renewed skin on my feet sounded tempting. I mean, my 37 something year old, never properly pedicured feet, would be a true test of such a product’s abilities to refresh and renew – it’s no exaggeration to say that the soles of my feet had seen better days.

So with a month to go until our wedding last year I did my research and took the plunge with a Footner exfoliating peel. (Side note – use this product at least 2 weeks before a big event as the peeling process can take some time).

The process is as follows: Soak your feet before using the product to help soften the skin and let the exfoliating acids soak in more effectively. Pop your feet into the pre cut plastic sock bags (there’s no more attractive description for this!), pop some socks or slippers on top to keep everything in place, and put your feet up for the next 60 minutes. No hard work there.

ACS_0201Once the 60 minutes are up shuffle your way to the bathroom trying not to fall over, remove the socks (they are one time use only) and rinse of the remaining liquid from your feet. And wait…..

Now the key with this product is patience. The first few days following the peel you will un-doubtedly curse yourself for spending £10 on a product that has done absolutely nothing. (Mr B did his fair share of eye rolling)

Fear not, around day 4 – 5 is where the magic starts. And the peeling. So much peeling. There is no attractive way to describe this process other than thin layers of your skin on your feet shedding slowly off. It’s not painful, some may actually find it mildly fascinating, but whether you are a fan of the process or not you absolutely see real life results. And may want to whiz round with the hoover once the process really kicks in!

This peeling continues for around 4 to 5 days until the top layers of your skin have been removed revealing super soft, baby bum like, renewed skin. I honestly cannot exaggerate the difference this product makes to the look and feel of your feet.

Once the shedding is over take the time to moisturise the new skin thoroughly, overnight if possible, to ensure it is hydrated and protected whilst adjusting to its new life in the open. Footner recommend using CCS Foot care cream and having tried it out after the peel it really does add to the experience, ultimately leaving my feet in better shape than ever. Packed with glycerin to help keep things soft and Lactic Acid to shift any remaining stubborn flakes of skin.

And then? Well then you have the perfect excuse to paint those toenails, pop on some sandals and hop out to the garden to show them off (It’s currently while I write this. I have hope though).

There’s no better time than lockdown to use this product and get the shedding done in private, before shaking those perfectly primed feet at your socially distanced bubble of friends and family!


(For more beauty & lifestyle head over to @abrunetteedit)

Disclaimer  – This is a paid for partnership with Footner however all opinions and words are my own.

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