Skincare Stars of 2020….

2020. It’s been a year. A year when more than ever little moments of care, joy and kindness have meant more than they ever had before. And the sanctuary that is our bathroom more precious than ever before. When I look back over my most reached for skincare products there’s a theme; glow giving, uplifting, mood boosting. This is what I have craved and needed on the days where the kids have driven me to tears, or the Government briefings to despair. So, in no particular order – my skincare heroes of 2020. 

‘……glow giving, uplifting, mood boosting.’

If I had to pick just one cleanser that stole my heart it would be Beauty By Ane’s Radiance Reveal Cleaning balm. A thick, oily pot of sunshine, gentle enough to use all over the face and the most beautiful uplifting scent. For a balm packed with so many oils this product washes off so cleanly and balanced out my skin like no other cleanser. The only annoying thing is that it’s currently out of stock but Ane assures me more is on its way and I’ve already put my order in! I can’t not give a nod to the brilliant Plantastic Cleansing balm from Beauty Pie as well, a calming and hydrating balm which annihilates makes up with one massage and has a price tag to make you smile too. 

SkinCeuticals has stolen my heart this year as a brand. Skincare with tons of science behind it, the products are pricey but always worth the investment. The two that I’ve reached for most are the C E Ferulic which is a brightening and firming Vitamin C formula and the Advanced Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen which was my most reached for SPF of the summer and one I continue to reach for even in the absence of actual sunshine as it leaves the most beautiful non greasy glow to the skin and tackles pigmentation with the inclusion of niacinamide – a hero ingredient when it comes to skin tone evening.

It wouldn’t be a skincare line up without a pick from Murad and whilst their Retinol night cream is still firmly in my line up after making my top picks last year, their Vitamin C and Glycolic hybrid serum was the star of 2020. A dual formula to tackle dull skin and pigmentation, this brings the glow in bucket loads, and layers beautifully as an AM serum with none of that annoying balling up so many serums do. As the colder winter months drag this is the perfect skincare antidote to grey mornings and endless lockdowns.

As the colder winter months drag this is the perfect skincare antidote to grey mornings and endless lockdowns.

2020 has been the year of accessible prescription skincare with both Skin & Me and Dermatica launching. Breaking down the financial barriers to speciality dermatology advice, both services offer personalised skin solutions at prices more akin to the highstreet. My most recent foray has been with Dermatica and a targeted Tretinoin Prescription and I can honestly say it’s made a visible difference to the texture and appearance of my skin within six weeks. If 2020 has left you struggling with Maskne (a word not heard of this time last year!) then I can’t recommend this service enough as a starting point to getting skin back on a more even keel.

‘………both services offer personalised skin solutions at prices more akin to the highstreet.’

Prior to this year I’ve been a bit non plussed about eye creams, often skipping them in favour of whichever moisturiser I was currently using. Until Alpha H’s Firming Eye cream landed on my doorstep. Love at first application, this eye cream has been a firm staple for the past few months. Hydrating but not greasy, this sinks in instantly and provides a smoothing base for make up without creasing. The applicator is one of those fancy mental dispensers and the nightly ritual of rubbing it around my eye socket to ease any tension has become addictive. 

‘Love at first application, this eye cream has been a firm staple for the past few months.’

My love of acids in skincare has continued this year and fuelled by the discovery of Kate Somerville’s Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. A hybrid physical and manual exfoliator, this powerful formula works in just two minutes to give you a ‘from the salon’ glow which improves with every use. A little goes a very long way with this product and it delivers just the right amount of ‘tingle’ to know that those acids are beavering away at the skin cells and turning them over to reveal brighter, glowier skin. 

Last but by no means least the newest skincare love of my life, Algenist’s liquid Collagen. A hydrating serum which sinks in instantly to skin, plumping and firming it whilst also adding what can only be described as an ethereal glow. This is skincare wizardy at its best, I can’t pretend to fully understand the science behind it nut what I do know is that its become an essential part of my AM line up form the first use. Liquid Gold would be a more appropriate name. 

So there we are, the skin care stars of 2020. There’s been many more products that have brought a smile to my skincare heart but I couldn’t be without these 8 in my beauty stash. I’d love to know what you have discovered this year!

Disclaimer – This post contains some affiliate links and PR samples. All opinions are wholly my own and have been in no way influenced by the brand or companies.

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