Scents to make you happy….

Everyday life, whether you’re at work, at home, juggling multiple plates at one time  – it’s stressful, frantic and, at times, just plain overwhelming. I found that in the run up to our wedding this year the competing demands on time, energy and resources would reach a point where I just needed to switch off and tune out ‘real life’ for a small amount of precious time. My answer to this was, and has been for many years now, to invest in time for me. Be that a bubble bath behind a locked door (children just know when to come and ask the most ridiculous questions right!), 10 minutes in the evening to focus on a luxurious evening skin care routine or a nail appointment with a beauty therapist who just knows when you aren’t in the mood for talking!

‘Competing demands on time, energy and resources would reach a point where I just needed to switch off and tune out real life for a small amount of precious time…’

Another way to teach your mind to relax is through scent and natural wellbeing brand, Neom Organics, are well renowned for fragrances designed to assist with sleep, stress, energy and mood. Their tag line ‘scent to make you happy’ sums up their brand ethos perfectly. Neom’s home and body ranges are often found in the tranquil spaces of holistic practitioners to assist with the treatments being provided, and a candle from Neom Organics alongside a warm comforting bath can’t fail to help you switch off from the world for as long as the door stays locked!

IMG_6191 2.JPG

This month Neom Organics are launching two new skincare ranges to their brand, packed with ingredients designed to tackle daily skin issues caused by modern life, these products have been formulated to boost wellbeing as well as give you great skin! The ‘Ultimate Calm‘ range products include a fragrance blend of lavender, geranium and rose – scents to trigger your mind that it’s time to rest! Whilst the ‘Great Day Glow‘ range includes an uplifting blend of Mandarin, Rose and Peppermint essential Oils. Both ranges also include skin loving ingredients such as Avocado, Wheatgerm and Pomegranate seed oils, all of which will nourish, rejuvenate and restore skin. If you follow me over on Instagram then you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of oils in skincare for their balancing and nourishing properties and these products are a perfect way to incorporate them into everyday skincare.

‘These products have been formulated to boost wellbeing as well as give you great skin!’

Neom have designed a Personal Skincare finder quiz on their site to allow customers to pinpoint which skincare range is best suited to their current skin type. Having taken the quiz I was not remotely surprised to identify more with the Great Day Glow range – given that I’m always on the look out for new ways to achieve ultra glowy, healthy looking skin.

I was very kindly sent the cleanser and moisturiser from the range and have been IMG_6182 3.JPGenjoying adding in both products to my routine in the last week. The cleanser has been formulated without any SLS’s (foaming agents) meaning it doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped, and is a perfect AM cleanser to prep skin for the day ahead. The moisturiser contains SPF 30 (SPF inclusion being a must for me with any moisturiser) and whilst I’d probably go for a higher factor in the height of summer, the 30 is sufficient for the (let’s be honest more usual) overcast British weather! I’ve also tested the moisturiser under make up and am pleased to report that it doesn’t ball up or cause make up to look patchy on top. And both have the most gorgeous, uplifting scent that just helps put your mind at ease for whatever the day ahead holds.

Both ranges are a natural progression for a company already invested in general wellbeing and I have no doubt that the products in the calm range would help make any evening skincare routine that bit more spa like and zen!

IMG_6188 3.JPG

If you fancy taking the personal skincare finder quiz and finding out which range would suit your skin best then click here to take the first step to prioritising a little time for you!

Jess X

~ This is a collaborative post with the lovely people at Neom and I was gifted the products. All opinions and reviews are my own. ~


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