Winter snuggle essentials….

I’m quite jealous of hedgehogs. The fact they get to burrow down at this time of year and not emerge until the temperatures go back into double figures sounds like pure bliss to me! Given that it would be frowned upon for me to take up a permanent residence under the duvet until Spring, I’ve curated my own survival kit to help stay cosy in the winter months.

First up is my face. It’s no secret that the colder weather plays havoc with our skin and making sure not to strip away the moisture is the first line of defence in helping skin stay healthy when temperatures drop. The easiest way to do this is to use a cleanser which is going to nourish your skin, as well as do its job of cleaning. A recent discovery which has made its way very quickly into my permanent evening skin care line up is Beauty Pie’s Japanfusion cleanser which is the perfect balm to oil cleanser. IMG_5247.jpgWhen applied to dry skin it melts away make up and dirt effortlessly but doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped. It easily rivals higher end, more expensive cleansers, and is non-fragranced so perfect for sensitive skin. Top with a facial oil to seal in the moisture and your skin will feel like its had a hug from within.

Next up needing a bit of winter snuggle are my feet. Permanently cold (thanks to terrible circulation!) and in need of warmth, I’ve ditched my usual eskimo-esque socks for these absolute beauties which have not left my feet since they arrived. These IMG_5181handmade sheep skin slippers from Celtic and Co can be turned up for cosy ankles or folded down to show off the cosy woollen cuff. Having never invested in ‘proper’ slippers I am now a total convert; for ‘pottering around the house days’ these are pure comfort and, along with changing into my PJ’s, are the first things I reach for when I get home. I’ve noticed the cat eyeing on them up on several occasions as a potential new bed and quite frankly I can’t blame her!

Finally no winter survival kit would be complete without a cosy knit. This time of year I embrace oversized jumpers, cowl necks and snuggly sleeves. There’s nothing more comforting then curling up on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand, candles lit and being drowned under a sea of cashmere. The reality however is that cashmere and I don’t get _MG_0019.jpgalong that well due to my amazing ability to spill every thing I touch! I stumbled upon this gorgeous rainbow sequined jumper on ASOS and instantly fell in love. It’s insanely cosy ( and non-itchy!), easier to wash than cashmere and fits the Christmas jumper brief perfectly. Come December the 1st I’m going to be living in this and my slippers – a perfect outfit combination if you ask me!

If I can’t go into hibernation then the above steps will keep me going until Spring. Throw in a hot chocolate and hot water bottle as well and I’ll be in snuggly heaven!

Jess X

~ This is a collaborative post with Celtic & Co who kindly gifted me the slippers. I will only ever promote products on my blog which I genuinely feel are worth the investment and I truly love ~

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