What’s in a name….

I love to know the meaning behind a name, and when it came to choosing one for my own child the meaning was just as important as the actual name. We eventually settled on Freya which means the Norwegian Goddess of Love….
The process of choosing a name for your business/website/blog is just as fundamentally crucial; it sets the tone, branding and concept for your product and, if you get it right, allows consumers to recommend and refer due to it lingering in their mind. ‘A Brunette Edit’ was born from wanting to have a forum to share edited snapshots of things that make me smile, and, well I’m a brunette….When a friend told me about a new children’s clothing range that she was involved in setting up called Miyo, my first question was ‘what does that mean?’

The name Miyo originates from Japan and means “beautiful child”. Could there be a more perfect name for a boutique children’s clothes company? Miyo has woven the Japanese inspiration throughout the whole branding concept; from the beautiful pastel tones of the website and accessories in the photo styling, right through to the simple but thoughtful box arriving at your home. In Japan the etiquette of giving and receiving gifts dictates that it should be a whole experience, with gifts being beautifully wrapped with love and attention, and Miyo’s packaging and presentation reflects this, right down to the little pack of Japanese sweets (konpeito) tucked in amongst the tissue paper.

The second thing that really caught my attention was the signature piece of clothing in the collection, a star covered jumper. This will come as no surprise to followers of my Instagram, my love of stars being well documented, so when picking a piece from the collection for Freya the decision was already made. Miyo’s thinking behind having a star covered signature piece in the collection stems from children being the stars in our families, a gorgeous and warming concept, with their accompanying hashtag being #miyostars. The jumper itself is beautifully made, 100% cotton, with a button detail at the back and the signature Miyo logo, a Kokeshi Doll, discreetly featured on a hem tag. My Miyo star wasted no time showing it off!

Other pieces in the collection that have caught my eye include the navy striped jumper with yellow detailing and a gorgeous mustard yellow chunky knit coat, both which would make perfect children’s winter wardrobe staples. And the blue striped tunic is perfect for the transitioning weather we have been having recently, as can be layered up when the temperatures drop. The whole collection is a paired down edit of beautiful children’s clothing in neutral tones that covers all bases, a capsule wardrobe for children perhaps?! In fact browsing Miyo’s website it suddenly occurred to me that I would quite happily wear all the collection if they came in ‘big people’ sizes, with the first request being the star jumper please!

If you have some little Miyo stars in your life and are starting to ponder Christmas presents then head over to the website for a browse. Added bonus – they’ve done your gift wrapping for you!

Jess X

~ Miyo very kindly gifted a piece from their collection however I was under no obligation to review or feature on my blog. As ever I will only feature products that I truly think are worth investing in. ~

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