Summer skin….

I’m as guilty as the next person of not protecting my skin from the sun as much as I should have when I was younger. However with the new formulations and developments in facial SPF’s there’s no excuse anymore and, whilst I can’t reverse any damage done thus far,  I can ensure I protect my skin moving forward.
This year I’ve been enjoying trying out some of the influx of skincare/makeup hybrid tinted moisturisers which deliver on both fronts. During the summer I tend to naturally gravitate towards lighter makeup and a natural coverage, especially as my skin leans on the oilier side, but I also have the added non-negotiable requirement of a decent SPF protection along with a dose of hydration. All of the following meet these requirements!


First up is probably the most ‘skincare’ like of all three, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL. It is an incredibly lightweight and very thin formula which delivers the highest protection of all three, factor 50+. It comes in two versions, tinted and non-tinted. The tinted offers only a very light coverage in terms of colour, enough to even out skin tone, but sits well under make up if you need/want a bit more coverage with a high SPF protection. There is no sticky residue with either, which can be the case with some facial SPF’s, and both suit my combination/dehydrated skin type well. With the heatwave we are currently experiencing I am reaching for this on days when I’m not in the office and topping it up in the afternoon as added protection.


Next is Origins Ginzing SPF 40 tinted moisturiser. This is a newer version of Origins Vitazing, which if you have tried, will know is a colour adapting formula which changes colour on contact with your skin. The Ginzing version is the same concept, starting off as a grey grainy texture which blends to your natural skin tone, whilst giving a hint of colour once rubbed in. I found the Vitazing slightly too orange in colour for my skin tone, but this version is perfect and really evens out skin tone and adds a lovely glow. The SPF factor is high and if you want to put makeup on top there is none of the annoying ‘balling’ some moisturisers give. If you are a fan of a ‘no make up make up’ look I can’t recommend this enough! If you visit an Origins Counter they are very good at giving samples so you can test the colour adaption before purchasing.


The newest addition was bought prior to the recent camping trip we went on (visit abrunetteedit for more pictures). I was conscious I needed to streamline my skincare/make up given it was touch and go whether we could even fit the girls in the car! Having used Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (SPF 30) a couple of years ago and forgotten about it, I thought I’d try it again. Of the three this gives the highest coverage in terms of colour but is moisturising enough for me not to use anything additionally underneath. The SPF is lower than the other two and with the weather we are currently having I would reach for something higher if I knew I was going to be out in the sun all day. However as a hybrid moisturiser/make up item I can’t fault it. There is no need to wear any additional foundation on top, it lasts well and the coverage is natural whilst covering any redness etc. What sets this apart from the other two is the range of shades it comes in. NARS has always been at the forefront of inclusiveness when it comes to diversity of shades and this formula is no exception with something to suit all skin colours.

So no excuse now – protect your skin!

Jess X

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